We are Cara + Rachael.

We will be your guides.

We are WHOLE-istic coaches and healers with 20+ yrs experience, who know how to hold the space for your inner healer to awaken. We will always point you back to yourself because we believe you are the expert of yourself. 

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You Aren't the Problem, It's How You Relate to Yourself That Is.

You've tried it all. You lost the weight, found the soul mate, read that transformational book, said the mantras, thought the happy thoughts, you even tried meditation. You believed these things would be the key to your happiness that you've been searching for, only to find out that they were temporary fixes. The weight crept back, the tension grew in your relationship, the "negative" thoughts made their way back in your head, and you gave up meditating after 3 days. You've been approaching your life as if you were broken, in need of something to fix you. But what if you started confidently living your life knowing that everything you are looking for is already within?



This sounds incredible!

What You'll Get


The Workbook

We will mail you a 140+ pg companion workbook FULL of illustrations, prompts, and practical exercises that you can very easily incorporate into your daily life.

Weekly Soul Alignments

Every week you will be given Soul Alignments designed to apply what we are learning directly to your heart. These exercises are transformative.

Sacred Community

You will be learning with a community of like-minded women.  Our students praise us for fostering a supportive, vulnerable and open environment.

10 LIVE Sessions

Our winter session runs Jan 26-Mar 30th. LIVE teaching sessions are every Tuesday night. Sessions are recorded if that time isn't convenient for you.

Discounts on Services

Happy Whole U students will receive 35% off all WHOLE-istic coaching sessions and Energy clearings for the duration of the course.

WhatsApp Group

We use a private WhatsApp group as a means to stay connected to each other throughout the week, sharing our ah-ha moments and encouraging each other.

spiRITUALS Resources

You'll get an added bonus of numerous guided meditations and ritual suggestions to help you bring meaning and depth to your journey. 


Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to all of the teaching videos and workbook materials.  Many of the practices will become a regular part of your routine!


Next Session launches Fall 2021

The winter session of Happy Whole U is already underway so enrollment is currently closed.  Doors will open again in August for enrollment in our Fall cohort, (which will run September-November 2021).

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The workbook is such a beautiful guide to help you dive deeper into Cognitive Behavioral and Mindful practices. Because Cara & Rachael are with you every step of the way, you have a supportive environment to explore how you can find the healer that is already within you.

Renee, Vermont

Because of Happy Whole U, I'm not so judgmental with myself. I talk to my body with way more love and compassion. I feel so much softness within me that I didn't have before I started the course. Thank you so much for creating this and holding space for me to grow.

Tara, Colorado

I wish I could hold hands with Rachael and Cara every single day and sip coffee and laugh and talk about emotions. (Not kidding!)  I have felt stuck and frustrated and tired for so long and this class finally gave me the hope that I needed to heal. It has been so crucial for me!

Alicia, California

Say no more, I'm in!

What You'll Learn

Wow! All of this for $139/month? Yes please!

What This Will Require of You


A 10 Week Commitment

Change doesn't happen overnight, it is a process to be nurtured. During our 10 weeks together you will reset the way you relate to yourself. 

Listening to Teaching Sessions

You can participate LIVE with the group on the 90 min Tuesday night zoom calls or watch recordings at your convenience. 

 Completing "Soul Alignments"

We will mail you a companion workbook FULL of 140+ pages of illustrations, prompts, and practical exercises that can very easily be incorporated into your everyday life.  Most students spend 1-2 hours/week interacting with the material.

Invest $139/month (4x)

You will get 15 hours of in-depth teaching, 140 pg workbook, a community, and discounts on our services. ALL of this for an investment of $139/month for the duration of 4 months.  This works out to being merely $35/week.  

What You'll Walk Away With:

  • TRUST IN YOURSELF: This course teaches you to trust the wisdom your body already has. You will walk away with a clear understanding of EXACTLY how to access the answers within.

  • KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR SHADOWS: You'll be able to identify and work with your shadow self. We believe deeply in shadow work (accepting the parts of ourselves that we reject) as a means for profound healing.
  • 5 KEY WAYS TO CONNECT TO WHOLEistic SELF: You will learn these 5 keys so that you can face any challenge life brings you. From false beliefs, to big emotions, and physical pain--we will teach you how to decode the messages your body is constantly offering you.
  • PERSONALIZED SOUL CARE PLAN:  With our guidance you will create a personalized soul care plan to lead you back to center every time.
  • CURATED PRACTICES FOR YOU NEEDS: Each week we will guide you through 10+ soul alignment exercises. When the course is complete you will be able to curate for yourself which tools and practices to carry forward.
  • NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF: We will give you 100's of practical tools to nurture a gentle, compassionate and trusting relationship with yourself.

Happy Whole U


4 Monthly Installments

  • Lifetime access
  • 140+ pg workbook
  • 10 Teaching videos
  • A community of like-minded women
  • spiRITUAL Resources
  • Discounted services from Cara + Rachael
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