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We are Cara and Rachael, certified WHOLE-istic coaches and healers, who gently create the space to reconnect you to your body and awaken your heart. 


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Are you ready to come home to yourself?

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Happy Whole U Course

A 10 week, online program where we guide women back home to themselves.

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WHOLE-istic Coaching

Personalized sessions to help you create a nurturing relationship with yourself. 

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Energy Clearing Sessions

Grounded sessions intended to help you connect to and better take care of yourself.

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You Already Have the Answers.


It's always been within you.

We're just here to help you remember what's inside by holding the space for you to come home to yourself.


We Believe That


Our Defining Principles

Coming home to ourselves requires new language.

We Are WHOLE-istic Beings

We believe in living a life that honors all parts of ourselves: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational, and Spiritual. We call this the WHOLE-istic self and believe that living a meaningful life means tending to them all.

The Answers Are Within

We believe there is no external fix like a secret juice, diet, book, or guru that has the answers. The Magic is simply inside us. By connecting to our WHOLE-istic self we can find, listen to, and trust the answers that are already within.

Gentleness Is Key

We believe in taking a softer approach to developing a relationship with ourselves; one that does not involve harsh pep talks or denying our feelings. Our approach does not repress, reject, or deny any parts of ourselves; instead embraces them seeing their value.

Caring vs. Curing

We believe that healing does not mean “curing” or making perfect. Life will not be trouble-free or without its moments of darkness. Healing is the process of learning to care for ourselves through all the ups and downs of life. 

“Rachael and Cara are the best duo and allow for a totally inclusive, non-judgmental, learning environment.”


Rosalyn Goss

Happy Whole U


It's Time to Relate to Yourself Differently

Give us 10 weeks and we guarantee that you won't see yourself the same -in the best way! Our online course will teach you how to come home to yourself.

10 Teaching Sessions

Each recorded 90 minute teaching session will contain in-depth teaching, guided exercises, and more as we guide you to become your healer.

The Workbook

We will mail you a 140+ pg companion workbook FULL of illustrations, prompts, and practical exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Sacred Community

You will be learning with a community of like-minded women.  Our students praise us for fostering a supportive, vulnerable and open environment.

Soul Alignments

Every week you will be given Soul Alignments designed to apply what we are learning directly to your heart. These exercises are transformative.

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 Hi, I'm Rachael Lund.

Location: Denver, Virtual 
Offerings: 1:1 WHOLE-istic Soul Care sessions, Online courses
Specialization: Spirituality, Inner Child Work, Deconstructing from a Belief System, Kids + Family, Love + Relationships
Education|Certifications: BA in Religion, MA in Soul Care, Certified Spiritual Director & Mediator
Sign: Taurus Sun, Leo Rising, Capricorn Moon
Self Care Ritual: A hot bath with lavender salt
Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


Rachael's Offerings

Rachael offers 1:1 WHOLEistic Soul Care sessions that are individualized to your needs. She will help you identify the narratives that have been driving your life up until this point, what is keeping you stuck, and will gently guide you along the path of self healing.   $75/session


TAKE A DEEPER DIVE! This includes 4 soul-filled sessions, as well as guided assignments and personalized rituals for you.    $275/4 sessions.

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“Rachael has an amazing gift for creating a safe and welcome space for me to share and be myself. As I’ve met with her I’ve gained some of the truest wisdom and insights about my life that I call upon in times of need. I highly recommend sessions with Rachael if you are looking for new truth and perspective in your life."




Hi, I'm Cara Ansis.


Location: Chicago, Virtual 
Offerings: 1:1 Energy clearings, Online courses
Specialization: Mind|Body Connection, Chakra Energy Centers, Shadow Work, Self Healing, Messages in Emotions, Body Wisdom, Grief, Kids
Education|Certifications: BA in Religion, Certified Spiritual Director, MA in Soul Care, Certification in Authentic Listening Skills
Sign: Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising, Gemini Moon
Self Care Ritual: Being in my sacred space
Book: The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello


Cara's Offerings

Cara offers grounded Energy Clearing sessions. Prior to your call, she will perform a remote session from her sacred space alone, picking up messages from your energy field and will balance/adjust where she feels led. After the remote session, you will have a 45 minute Zoom call with Cara, where she will relay the messages received, while teaching you tools + rituals to gently lead you back to yourself. 


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“Working with Cara is life-changing. Prior to my sessions with her I spent a year in and out of various therapy and coaching relationships, trying to find the answers and none of them stuck until Cara. Her talents are incredible, and I would recommend her 1,000x over to anyone and everyone who needs help getting unstuck. ”


Cara M

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